JIG – Our History


  • Terra Tech Computer Systems is founded
    1996 marks the beginning of JIGʼs success story. Maximilian A. Jaber, President and CEO at JIG, founded Terra Tech Computer Systems in Dortmund.


  • COMCAVE AG IT & Management Consulting is founded
    COMCAVE AG is founded to continue the work started by Terra Tech Computer Systems. In the following years it grows into a successful group, COMCAVE.GROUP, as it stands today.


  • COMCAVE.COLLEGE GmbH is founded.
    This marks a milestone in the group’s development and the beginning of our activities in the area of vocational/continuing training and HR development. 
  • Academy 2.0 GmbH is founded.
  • COMCAVE.RECRUITMENT GmbH is founded.
  • CPI Consulting & Training GmbH is acquired.


  • An impressive expansion takes off
    Over the next three years training centers are opened at 25 locations across Germany.


  • Strategic partnership with a strong partner and investor
  • Jaber Management Group GmbH is founded
  • Jaber Investment Group, COMCAVE AG and Schloss Husen GbR are merged into Jaber International Group GmbH & Co. KG (JIG)
  • JABER TECHNOLOGIES GmbH is founded
  • GET IT DMCC Ltd. is founded
  • Jaber Real Estate International (JREI) GmbH is founded
  • Jaber Real Estate I GmbH is founded
  • Jaber Real Estate II GmbH is founded
  • Jaber Real Estate III GmbH is founded
  • Jaber (JRE) IV Ltd. is founded


  • Maximilian A. Jaber takes on strategic responsibilities on the board of shareholders at COMCAVE.GROUP and hands over his operative responsibilities as CEO to a new Managing Director.
  • JIG moves into its new headquarters at Technology park, Dortmund in April of 2016.
  • INVEDO GmbH is founded
  • Acquisition of Commerzbank building, so-called Deilmann Bau (WestLB), Dortmund


  • Acquisition of Haus Husen, Dortmund


  • United Transglobe GmbH is founded
  • Acquisition of i-room Objektgesellschaft GmbH
  • Le Trèsor GmbH is founded
  • Acquisition of „Schloss Husen“, Dortmund
  • Acquisition of Eventkirche Dortmund
  • Acquisition of Logistic Hub, Unna
  • Share in Montis GmbH
  • Acquisition of Commercial Center Bornstrasse, Dortmund


  • Erwerb und Übernahme des Porsche Zentrum, Dortmund