JIG Team

The JIG Team works together towards its long-term goals as a company and towards our short-term project goals.

Everyone on the team takes on his/her responsibility.

All employees at JIG are involved in as many decision-making processes and business activities as possible – from day one.

At JIG you can expect an attractive and versatile working environment for your personal development.

There is a multitude of varied tasks, and because of our flat hierarchies and direct communication we can make our decisions fast, and so reach our mutual goals sooner.

We work cooperatively and solutions-oriented.
We value a collegial atmosphere, and we offer an above-average and performance-related salary package to people who join us to become part of a motivated and target-oriented team.

Employees at JIG will profit from our experience in training, IT development and consulting. This experience has made permanent innovation and creativity an integral part of our corporate culture.